Box Use Cases


GxP Collaboration

R&D Organizations are now running global organizations that cross country borders and corporate boundaries. Using Geo location capabilities of cloud based ECM tools like Box, companies can now securely collaborate on GxP content without the extra overhead of traditional communications.

GxP Retention

Life Sciences organizations generate a lot of data that they are required to retain for several years, sometimes indefinitely. And with the increased pressure on retention of GxP data the cost of the burden lands on IT organizations to maintain and monitor these repositories for extended periods. This problem is easily solved using cloud based GxP Retention services that balance the the Always-On availability with a “zero footprint” to IT infrastructure.


Using electronic signatures for GxP content is considered low hanging fruit due to the fast up-time and rapid reduction in signature back-and-forth. These cloud based E-Sig capabilities coupled with a cloud based ECM solution can allow organizations to capture and Maintain their signature audit trail for the future.

Clinical Study Startup

Clinical study startup activities can be complex and cumbersome with processes spanning multiple groups and multiple organizations, the Study Startup and Site activation times tend to take a back seat to day-to-day communications around several forms and documents in manual workflows. Using automated triggers and secure external collaboration capabilities of Box, a clinical operations organization can reduce the startup time and survey times by over 50%.