USDM Accelerates Clinical Study Site Assessments with Box and Salesforce


The Challenge

Because of changing regulations, Life Sciences organizations need to operate with more efficiency and accuracy than ever before. Paper-based and legacy systems are no longer robust enough to keep up with the needs of insurers, government, and patients. It’s therefore critical that organizations adopt processes and technologies that allow for scale.

Unfortunately, most processes today are still based on a siloed experience using email, spreadsheets, or an outdated application. This results in lost efficiencies and greater potential for errors. To achieve operational excellence, organizations need a solution that automates much of the manual tasks and supports mobility for users in the field. They also need reporting capabilities and seamless integration with legacy systems. Because the life sciences industry is heavily regulated, data security is paramount.


Our Solution

USDM Life Sciences wanted to help companies accelerate workflows and streamline both regulated and non-regulated processes through transformational digital technologies. Their vision was to create an advanced solution that was user-friendly and cost-effective. In addition, the solution would leverage best-of-breed cloud platforms and infrastructure that offered USDM customers the flexibility to handle any process.

By partnering with Box, Salesforce, Microsoft, and other leading providers, USDM could build all-digital solutions that are easily customizable, always-on, mobile-friendly, collaborative, and real-time. The all-cloud solution meant no IT footprint was needed, accelerating time to market and reducing maintenance costs. An intuitive dashboard with reporting features provided an easy self-serve model for users. Most importantly, security and compliance could be maintained by leveraging the capabilities of robust enterprise-ready platforms, such as Box.

Digital App Factory.png

USDM started by addressing the processes associated with clinical study site feasibility assessment. Like in many industries, clinical study organizations are challenged with finding viable partners that can play an important role in their supply chain. To give a study the highest chance for success, KPIs such as accelerating first-patient-in (FPI) and reducing operational costs must be measured and optimized.

The USDM solution incorporates a number of leading business platforms. Box provide secure storage and governance for documentation, and enables the secure flow of content to and from other systems, such as Salesforce for program management and DocuSign for eSignature. Box’s cloud-based platform gives companies a much easier, more effective solution than on-premise storage, which makes it difficult to integrate file inflow and outflow. With cloud platforms seamlessly integrated, the USDM solution is streamlined and fast. A typical document flow is as follows:


clinical study.png

Box brings the power of enterprise content management (ECM) to the life sciences, helping organizations migrate from an on-premise system to a cloud solution that significantly reduces operational overhead and helps achieve economies of scale. Box APIs enable customers to easily create custom solutions, compared to the months of custom development required with legacy solutions. Box’s security and governance capabilities allows content to be accessed safely from anywhere, in full compliance with industry regulations, without the need for slow, costly, and often unavailable VPNs. Box is scalable and grows with an organization, both in terms of content and usage volume, as well as with any number of users and integrations needed.

With the USDM and Box solution, program staff are well-equipped to accelerate their document workflows and maximize productivity, so they can focus on what’s most important. Organizations are able to achieve considerable cost and time savings. For example setting up a site to take in its first patient is a process that normally takes 6 months and an average cost of $30,000 per site. By going all digital with USDM and Box, life science organizations can reduce time and cost by more than 50%.